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Is Emilia Clarke in Star Wars?



Emilia Clarke
Credits: Lucasfilm

Given Emilia Clarke’s prowess in acting, it’s no surprise that her filmography has grown to include huge franchises that span decades and blur geographical lines. Last year, the Marvel fandom saw Clarke in Secret Invasion in the role of G’iah, an alien shapeshifting Skrull. While Game of Thrones was indeed the launchpad for many actors’ careers, it was a starting point for Clarke. Marvel is not the only massive franchise that has roped in Clarke for her incredible talent. The 2018 spin-off movie Solo: A Star Wars Story also featured Clarke in a central role.

Quick answer: Emilia Clarke Plays the role of Crimson Dawn operative Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story which was released in 2018.

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Emilia Clarke’s character in Star Wars

Emilia Clarke in Solo

Credits: Lucasfilm

The expansive world of Star Wars introduced Clarke in the dashing Han Solo’s origin story. As we all know Solo was a con who used to trick people and deceive them quite regularly. Three words that best describe him are scoundrel, smuggler, and hero. The origin story charts Solo’s journey as he meets his pal Chewbacca and lives a life before dedicating it to freeing the galaxy from the Empire.

Clarke plays the role of Qi’ra in the movie, Solo’s girlfriend. She hails from Corellia and goes on to become a Crimson Dawn operative. With hard work and some underhanded activities, she becomes one of the most trusted lieutenants and eventually a crime lord herself. Solo and Qi’ra share a special bond as they grew up together and learned the ways of the world with each other. They fall in love as they become older.

Both Qi’ra and Solo eventually realize that they need to embrace the criminal world since it will never let them out of the swamp. Growing up on the streets and maturing before time hardens Qi’ra to the world’s cruelties. Brave and ferocious Qi’ra is a survivor who focuses on finding a way out of every tricky situation. She leads the Crimson Dawn confidently and decisively.

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Will Clarke return to Star Wars?

Emilia Clarke in Star Wars

Credits: Lucasfilm

Quick Answer: No, Emilia Clarke will not be returning to the world of Star Wars anytime soon.

There has been no news of Solo getting a sequel or the filmmakers exploring more from the hero’s past. On the other hand, Clarke expressed that it was lovely being a part of the Star Wars universe but she won’t return to it anytime soon. Moreover, she seems to have signed on with Marvel for more projects so seeing her as Qi’ra again is a far-fetched dream for many Star Wars fans.

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It might have been weird to see Daenerys Targaryen trot around space in the Star Wars universe. However, Clarke makes the two roles look completely different and the actress immerses herself in both roles equally well. This further proves the fluency and dedication Clarke brings to the table for every role she undertakes.

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