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House of The Dragon’s Matt Smith (Daemon) liked the ending of Game of Thrones




Almost every actor from the cast of Game of Thrones has commented on what they felt about the ending of the show. Most of them have defended the final season and the end it brought forth; while few have chosen a mild stance of criticism. While some actors like Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) have sided with the fans, and said they understood why the fans were so furious, House of The Dragon’s Matt Smith liked the controversial finale.

Smith talked about the hotly-debated issue of the Game of Thrones finale in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and said, “I think you’re always going to disappoint some people. Ultimately, the body of work they produced stands up. Was it a perfect ending? It’s a matter of opinion. It didn’t bother me, I liked it.”

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Smith also talked about his character, Daemon Targaryen, “He’s sort of an outsider. He’s not black and white, there are shades of grey with him, which is what interested me about him. And his relationship with his brother is really interesting. It was a joy working with Paddy Considine, who I’ve admired for so long, and Rhys Ifans.”

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