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House of the Dragon viewership rises again with Episode 4, “King of the Narrow Sea”




House of the Dragon quickly made a name for itself as HBO’s most-watched premiere episode in history and continues to soar in ratings with its latest episode – which is pretty impressive and rare for a new show.

The new episode of “King of the Narrow Sea” aired this past Sunday and according to Variety, it had a 5% increase in viewership when taking both linear and HBO Max into account. In addition, the premiere has now been viewed by over 30 million households.

The House Velaryon at the royal wedding

House of the Dragon is a popular show for many reasons, but one of its main advantages is that it’s a follow-up to HBO’s most successful series, Game of Thrones. Of course, this means that there was already a built-in audience interested in the show, but it also means that the show had high expectations to live up to. However, so far the show has been meeting and even exceeding expectations, which has led to its current popularity.

The fact that viewership is continually rising week over week is encouraging; it indicates that people were interested enough in the show to start watching and they liked it enough to keep watching and tell their friends, who also decided to tune in. This is the kind of thing that gets studio executives happy because it means that people are invested in the show and continuing to watch it.

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That being said, the new episode of House of the Dragon Season 1 premiers every Sunday at 9 pm (ET) on HBO and HBO Max.

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