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House of The Dragon star Olivia Cooke nervous about the Game of Thrones’ prequel


Game of Thrones ended more than a year ago. The fantastical epic kept the audience hooked for nearly a decade. The show is dubbed the greatest TV show of the 21st century. However, the final season of the show received some backlash over the controversial storyline. The fandom was divided into two, and there was even a campaign to rewrite the final season. Actress Olivia Cooke is quite nervous about joining House of The Dragon, after witnessing all those events.

Cooke has been cast as House of The Dragon’s Alicent Hightower. Joining a great franchise such as Game of Thrones does have it’s perks and excitement. However, she is wary of the treatment the final season received from quite a number of fans. She recently opened up about the issue with The Telegraph.

I saw too many clips, just being alive at the time, so I knew what was going to happen,” she said. “What happened with Daenerys, I was OK with it, because I was expecting it, but it’s hard, you know… I’m a bit nervous about the new one. You’re never gonna please everyone, so I’ve just got to not listen to that stuff.”

She continued, “I’ve got it now. I got it in lockdown because I was lonely. Of course, it adds to the anxiety, I hate it, it’s awful, but I’m hooked to see what my friends are up to, and reading my stupid little memes to get my serotonin hit.”

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Actor Matt Smith has been quite busy nowadays. He has been traveling with the HBO crew over Spain, UK, and Portugal filming for Game of Thrones’ upcoming prequel House of The Dragon, and recently also starred in the film Last Night in Soho. Smith’s breakout role in his career was playing the lead in the BBC hit show Doctor Who, in which he played the titular character, and became widely loved for it. And he keeps on teasing the fans about his return to the beloved franchise.


In a recent interview with Consequence, Smith let on that he was still very much open to coming back into the Doctor Who fold if things lined up correctly. Smith was definitely open to the idea saying, “Well, you never know, do you? Someone would have to pick up the phone and ask me and then we take it from there.” He also reflected in an overwhelmingly positive way about his time on the show saying it was one of the “great characters in television” and taking part in the series was “just a thrill…”

Matt Smith looked back fondly at his time on Doctor Who. He starred in the role for three series from 2010 to 2013, He took over for David Tennant as the Eleventh Doctor when the latter began his regeneration to end his time on the show.

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The most recent entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ever-expanding roster, the Eternals, has garnered mixed reviews from the critics, but has been liked overall by the audience. the film featured two famous Game of Thrones stars, Kit Harington and Richard Madden, who played Dane Whitman and Ikaris respectively. If you haven’t watched the film yet, we would suggest you avoid reading what’s coming next.

In the end credits scene of the Eternals, fans got the first tease of Dane Whitman’s transformation into the Black Knight as Kit Harington heard a voice from behind if he is ready to take on the Ebony Sword, his character’s signature weapon from Marvel comics. The voice has been revealed to be that of Blade, Marvel’s daywalker superhero. Harington has finally opened up about the scene in an interview with Variety. He said:

“I knew the line that was being said, because it was said out loud and it was in the bit of script that I got. I only knew that was Mahershala’s voice just about three weeks ago. Chloé texted me saying that’s what they were doing. It really excited me, hearing that. He’s one of my favorite actors out there at the moment.”

He added, “Up until that point, all we’ve seen is a really good guy that we hopefully like. I like the idea that this thing is not good for him. With that sword, and what I’ve read about it, what I wanted to capture in that moment was this idea of addiction. I had some inkling that there was going to be a kind of crossover there, from early conversations. I don’t know what the future is, and I have no idea. There’s nothing written. Nothing I’ve been told. I haven’t got a clue. Honestly, genuinely. It’s funny, isn’t it? You say these things, and people are like, ‘You do! You know!’ And I have no idea. I’m assuming that that would be the case. But who knows?”

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The production for Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is in full swing. We’re receiving updates about the filming currently going on in the Portuguese city of stone, Monsanto, via leaks that are reported every other day. Former Doctor Who Matt Smith is playing the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen on the show, one of the key players in the story of House of The Dragon. And his dragon, Caraxes, is going to be one of the meanest, biggest, and baddest beasts in the series.

We know that there will be a lot of differences between House of The Dragon and the original series, Game of Thrones, and Matt Smith tries to explain them in his own way. In a recent interview with Looper, he explained:


“House of the Dragon is still filming, it’s very clearly set in the same landscape as Game of Thrones, but with some differences. Obviously … there’s dragons and swords and all of the intrigue and dastardly goings on that happen in the court of the Targaryens. I suppose fundamentally, it’s a different story. We’re 300 years before ‘Game of Thrones.’ We’re spending time with a smaller group of characters to a certain degree … I think it’s up for other people to decide how they’re similar or different. I just turn up and try and get the lines in the right order.”

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