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House of the Dragon showrunner says dragon poop will play a big role in Season 2




It’s quite difficult to find Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon memorabilia, and TV props are much harder to come by. Many of the recognizable set artifacts that were personal to the cast members were kept off-limits to them. However, there is one prop that the cast or the fans would not like to collect, even though it was made in abundance for the show.

Ryan Condal shows off dragon poop from House of the Dragon Season 2

In the latest episode of The Stuff Dreams Are Made of, showrunner Condal discussed the dragon poop prop with his friend David Mendel. He said, “I have a real piece of sh*t today Dave (showing the prop). This is dragon poop. And it was given to me by a guy who worked on our show, Sean Scoffield. I’m showing it to you so you can post pictures of it on the feed and all that. When you go to the YouTube channel you can actually see it.”

S6E12 | Highway to Helmets

“We actually went through a surprising amount of R&D, to get this right. Because you have to think of like what did dragons eat, you know, you are what you eat. Dragons eat only animals, only cooked animals, they char the crap outta them, with bones and furs and wings and all. So we had to kind of figure out what that consistency would be. We looked at other predatory animals, like the Komodo dragon.”

Why Ryan Condal highlighted the dragon poop prop from Season 2?

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There were a lot of hilarious theories since the conception of Game of Thrones, if dragons ever poop and what it looks like. Season 2 will have a lot of dragon action, and certainly, this overlooked aspect will be highlighted in House of the Dragon Season 2. As Condal said about the importance of dragon poop, “I mean I think the whole season is just about it. There you go, you heard it here first. It really is the most important prop of Season 2.”

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