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House of The Dragon has a shocking scene in Season 1 where children beat each other senseless




Game of Thrones was famous for its gory, brutal and detailed battle sequences, and it seems House of The Dragon will be following down the same route. And some of the fight sequences will involve bloody skirmishes not just with adults, but also children. No, we are not talking about some backyard, petty, childish fights. A full-on brawn that might possibly include not just fists but swords, that turns out to be very ugly.

The details of the fight were teased by House of The Dragon showrunner Miguel Sapochnik during the UK premiere of House of The Dragon, where he told that filming that scene was mentally “taxing” for him.

He said, “I had a scene where five kids between the ages of nine and 12 had to beat each other senseless. It took three days to shoot and then one of them stabs another, and so it was quite, quite taxing.”



Apart from the extreme violence, Sapochnik explained what makes House of The Dragon different from its predecessor, “The original Game of Thrones was about multiple different families over multiple different continents. This one is about one family kind of in one place fighting with each other. So it gives us more time to spend with less characters.”

He also added what he looks forward to after Season 1, “Going to bed actually, sleeping for more than three hours a night.”

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For those who have read Fire & Blood, it is quite obvious which scene is Sapochnik talking about, when children of *spoilers* fight with children of *spoilers*. Are you excited about House of The Dragon Episode 3? Tell us in the comments below!

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