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House of the Dragon Season 2 prepares to shoot at a new location in North Wales



dinorwic quarry house of the dragon season 2
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The cast and crew have reportedly begun arriving in North Wales for the next leg of the shoot following Spain. Redanian Intelligence and locals have reported that filming will occur at Llyn Lydaw, Ogwen Valley, Trefor Quarry, and Pen-Yr-Orsedd Quarry. However, the latest reports also hint at a new shooting location in the same region, Dinorwig Quarry.

House of the Dragon to begin filming at Dinorwig Quarry

One of the hit show’s production companies, Cross Plains Productions, has notified the residents of possible disruption due to filming. The British Mountaineering Council has also been contacted and received the following information according to UKH:

We are writing to inform you of Cross Plains Productions’ plan to come to Dinorwig Quarry to carry out some filming for a HBO television series, titled ‘Red Gun’ on Wednesday 5th July and Thursday 6th July 2023.

The scenes they are planning to film at Dinorwig Quarry will be set across three areas: the site of the Old Splitting Sheds referred to as ‘Victoria’, the rock opening known as ‘Matilda’ and the steps adjacent to ‘Dahlia’s Hole’. The scenes will include extras in armour, horses, special effects and various props.”


When will House of the Dragon film at Dinorwig Quarry?

The production’s note also specifies the filming dates:

“In order to prepare for these scenes, which involve the construction of a set piece they are planning to work towards the following schedule:

Filming Schedule:

Preparation: Monday 12th June – Tuesday 4th July

Filming: Wednesday 5th July – Thursday 6th July

Reinstatement: Friday 7th July – Wednesday 12th

Where else is House of the Dragon filming in North Wales?

Apart from Dinorwig Quarry, the following places in North Wales will be used for the filming of House of The Dragon:

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1. Llyn Lydaw
2. Ogwen Valley
3. Trefor Quarry
4. Pen-Yr-Orsedd Quarry

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