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Critic compares upcoming House of the Dragon Season 2 battle scene with Battle of the Bastards

Get ready for the Battle at Rook’s Rest.



Image: Max

As Ramsay gained the upper hand in the battle and almost defeated Jon Snow and his army with sheer might and shrewd strategy, Game of Thrones viewers were left gasping for breath. They might get to witness such a gory sequence once again in the upcoming prequel House of the Dragon, according to a recent review.

House of the Dragon Season 2 to have a Battle of the Bastards-level war sequence

The Battle of the Bastards was one of the goriest and most breathtaking battle sequences ever filmed for TV. House of the Dragon Season 2 will be having a couple of battle scenes as well, with the one at Rook’s Rest being the biggest one. An entertainment reviewer, Roxy Simons from Yahoo teased a major battle coming up in Episode 4 of Season 2:

Meleys flying over Rook's Rest

Meleys at Rook’s Rest      Credits: Max

“The show’s fourth episode is particularly breathtaking because of its action, which will leave viewers in awe when it reaches its shocking conclusion. It is everything that fans would want from the franchise, brutal, dramatic and heartbreaking. The war that is waged in the episode even matches the heights of Battle of the Bastards, one of the flagship show’s best episodes, with its action and emotion.”

Spoiler Alert!

What happened at the Battle of Rook’s Rest?

The first significant conflict using dragons in the Targaryen civil war took place at Rook’s Rest. Rook’s Rest fortress, was besieged by the Green army, commanded by Lord Commander Criston Cole.

Nine days later, Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys showed up to protect Rook’s Rest. She then set fire to a good many of the Green warriors. This was part of Cole’s strategy, so he remained unfazed.

Arriving to battle atop his dragon, Sunfyre, King Aegon II faces Rhaenys. The experience of the Queen Who Never Was surpasses that of the youthful Targaryen. During the combat, Aegon and Sunfyre suffered severe injuries. Then, accompanied by Vhagar, Prince Aemond attacks Rhaenys and Meleys, murdering them both.

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