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House of The Dragon season 1 finale preview foreshadows Jacaerys’ visit to Winterfell




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is slowly creeping up to Season 1’s finale. So far, fans have showered the fantasy epic with love, just like its predecessor, dishing out characters, storylines, sceneries, and everything else that makes it so engaging. However, fans of the original series miss some of their favorite Houses that haven’t received much spotlight in House of The Dragon, one of them being House Stark. Fortunately, we might actually get to visit Winterfell in the very next episode, or at least a mention of it.

Season 1 Episode 10 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

In the preview clip that was shared right after the premiere of House of The Dragon episode 9, we see glimpses of what goes on in the final episode of Season 1. In one shot we get to see the map of Westeros engraved on the stone table at Dragonstone, something that was teased in the teasers and trailers before House of The Dragon’s arrival. The Blacks are planning their next move, and the map shows what they have in mind.

In Fire & Blood, Jace is sent to Winterfell by Rhaenyra to inform the Starks of the coup that took place in King’s Landing in her absence, and to urge their support in their favor. This marker on the map in the preview is an indication of the same, when Jacaerys is sent to the Starks, and Luke to Baratheons.

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