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House of the Dragon pilot’s intro originally didn’t mention Daenerys Targaryen




The eagerly anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, finally arrived last year after an extremely long wait of more than 3 years. The debut episode of the show, which received rave reviews from reviewers and was also well-received by the viewers, showed a lot of promise. However, a number of things were different from the original script when it arrived on the TV screen.

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Mention of Daenerys in the opening intro of House of the Dragon pilot

House of the Dragon’s intro originally mentioned Robert Baratheon

HBO recently released the entire script of the first episode, which is available on Deadline to read. In the opening title sequence section, we see that it says, “171 years before Robert’s Rebellion, the death of the Mad King, Aerys, and the end of the Targaryen dynasty”. As you can see, it is different from what we got on TV, 172 years before the death of the Mad King, Aerys, and the birth of his daughter, Daenerys Targaryen.

Will we see Daenerys in House of the Dragon?

Most likely not, since the show takes place 172 years before her birth, as mentioned in the opening intro. However, if the series wants to make a full circle, we might get a glimpse at Daenerys’ birth at the end of the series, and her subsequent escape.

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