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House of the Dragon set mural shows four-way intercourse involving dragons and Targaryens




Since time immemorial, the Targaryens have practiced their own unique practices and rituals, which may seem excessive and immoral to many modern observers. But even the incest and NSFW art that decorate the walls of House of the Dragon are true historical events that George R. R. Martin was inspired by. Recently, an interesting detail about one of them has come to light, via Westerosies fan site.

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Mural depicting a foursome between Three Targaryens and a Dragon

Targaryens take special pride in their Valyrian ancestry, and this also involves a lot of sexual practices. It is said that Targaryens possess draconic genes, which is why some of the deformed Targaryen babies had dragon-like features (like Rhaenyra’s late newborn child). This concept was depicted in King Viserys and Queen Alicent’s bedchamber in Season 1.

Ryan Condal on the NSFW murals

House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal said in an earlier interview, “It was less about the lurid nature of the imagery, and more about showing that the Targaryens hold to different customs, they are foreigners who marry brother to sister, and Aegon had two wives, and this idea of their origin even if they are now living in Westeros. They brought their different values with them. Also, the idea is not that these aren’t really Targaryen murals, but Valyrian murals with the idea that when the Red Keep was built, that was something from the Valyrian texts that they brought.”

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