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House of the Dragon concept art shows Chinese inspiration for Caraxes’ design




Dragons are intelligent creatures. They might be taught to understand spoken commands and serve as battle mounts. They are said to be irritable and need to be trained to keep them from destroying anything in their path. A colorful assortment of some of Westeros’ most legendary dragons, each with its own unique personality, can be seen in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon.

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Caraxes’ design was inspired by Chinese Dragons

Caraxes is the most unique dragon amongst all that we have seen so far in Season 1. He has a more serpentine design compared to others in his family. Though it has been explained that it is a birth defect, official concept art via Westerosies fan account shows he was inspired by Chinese mythological dragons.

Vhagar, Syrax, Dreamfyre concept arts

A few more concept art for Syrax, Dreamfyre, and Vhagar were also revealed alongside Caraxes, and they look a lot more terrifying than they do in the TV show. Their corresponding riders can also be seen next to them, giving a rough idea of their size.

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