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House of The Dragon Episode 7 twist changes Laenor Velaryon’s fate from the books



Laena velaryon's funeral at Driftmark

House of The Dragon is trying hard to relive the glory days of the massive franchise, and seems to have been highly successful so far. The show has successfully walked in the footsteps of its predecessor, especially in terms of on-screen deaths that have been shown so far. The events of the seventh episode, Driftmark, were teased in a preview clip right after episode 6 premiered. A lot of action and drama follows the funeral ceremony of Laena Velaryon at Driftmark. And it teased the death of another major character in the Game of Thrones prequel, or so it seemed.

For those who haven’t watched the seventh episode yet, you might want to stop reading here, as Episode 7 features one of the biggest twists in the show yet. It may not seem that significant, but it does impact a lot of fans who have followed George R. R. Martin’s books for a long time. The twist completely changes the fate of Laenor Velaryon as depicted in Fire & Blood.

Laenor Velaryon in House of the Dragon Episode 7

From Episode 7, we do know that Daemon and Rhaenyra are quite passionate about each other. They want to get married, but they can’t unless Laenor is removed from their path. However, Rhaenyra respects Laenor for being an honorable man, and likes him in a certain way. So she stages a cover story for Laenor with Daemon’s help, where he apparently dies in a skirmish with Qarl Correy. Qarl Correy, who has been paid off by Daemon, then escorts Laenor to safety by taking a boat secretly off of Driftmark, a somewhat happier ending for both the former husband and wife.

However, in Fire & Blood, Laenor’s story ended in a different way. After being paid off by Daemon, Laenor did die at the hands of Qarl, and later Daemon also has Qarl killed and thrown off into the sea secretly.

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What do you think of the twist at the end of episode 7 in House of The Dragon? Tell us in the comments below!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rose iii

    October 4, 2022 at 6:06 am

    If Laenor’s story mostly sticks with the story, then no big deal. However, if Laenor’s storyline returns somewhere in the series interrupting a storyline that was established by the book and changed by H.B.O, then it can become somewhat of a disappointment. Some twists are good, some are not. This episode was also very dark!! Bad picture, had to watch that episode a couple times to “see in the dark”

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