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House of the Dragon gets its first female director for Episode 4 — Clare Kilner



Episode 4 of HoTD directed by Clare Kilner

The latest episode of House of the Dragon is directed by English film director, Clare Kilner. In this episode, we see that Princess Rhaenyra, an adult now, has experienced her first romantic encounter.

Unlike Daenerys forced betrothal to Drogo in Game of Thrones, Princess Rhaenyra’s experience is not forced. The episode marks a departure from the horrendous depiction of violence against women in Game of Thrones.

The lovemaking scenes in this episode were given relatively humane treatment. That made it less gory because lovemaking here was not used as a tool of violence against women. Instead, it added depth to the character arc of Princess Rhaenyra.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 was directed by a woman, Clare Kilner

In Game of Thrones we saw that only one out of 19 directors in a total of 73 episodes happened to be a woman. However, House of the Dragon is set to feature Geeta Patel as one of the directors for season 1, after Clare Kilner, which is a welcome change.

The Thrones universe often touches on uncomfortable topics surrounding women. The inclusion of women helming the process of storytelling will ensure that issues, like pregnancy and fertility, which are largely personal to women are given more than a surface-level treatment on screen.

It brings in a much-needed behind-the-scene female representation and an equally important female perspective to the storytelling. We can’t wait to watch more House of the Dragon episodes from diverse directors.

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