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Jefferson Hall (Jason/Tyland Lannister) spotted on House of the Dragon filming site



The bloodiest civil war in Westeros’s past served as the inspiration for the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Even though it is centered on the Targaryens, Westeros as a whole will be swept up in this violent cyclone, and very few people will be spared. New BTS images show the Lannisters, who are now standing with the Greens, raising their banners and getting ready for the storm.

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Jefferson Hall spotted in armor in Surrey

Due to the frequent images and videos uploaded by the UnBoxPHD YouTube channel, a lot of leaks have sprouted up all over the internet in recent days. There is a lot of new stuff surrounding the Battle of Rook’s Rest and the Lannister army in the recent leaks. One of the clips shows Jefferson Hall in full Lannister armor.

House of the Dragon to film simultaneously on three sites

We know that the primary filming location for House of the Dragon is the Leavesden Studios in UK. Along with that, UnBoxPHD has confirmed the show will also film important scenes in Aldershot and Bourne Wood in Surrey. Here are some more pictures and clips from the set:

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