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House of the Dragon Season 2 review round up: Game of Thrones spinoff returns with overwhelmingly positive ratings

Are you ready for the Dance of the Dragons?



early reactions to House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 1 and 2
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The second season of House of the Dragon promises to be an exciting display of battle and gore. In the forthcoming season, the performers, reviewers, and fans can’t wait to watch their characters take on fresh obstacles and storylines. HBO received very positive feedback from the first House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere, which took place recently in New York City.

Critics are in awe of House of the Dragon Season 2

The expectations with the second season of the Game of Thrones prequel were just as high as its hype meter, and it is surely holding up just fine. Several industry experts and celebs were invited to the limited screening held on 4th June, and the reviews are out now. While Rotten Tomatoes rated Season 2 88% initially, it has been on the rise ever since, currently sitting at 93%. Most of the critics have also given a 4+ rating out of 5 after the premiere.

Lucerys Funeral

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Here’s what some of the critics had to say about House of the Dragon Season 2:

The Standard“A roaring, blazing return to the world of Game of Thrones. Westeros slips further into war, things escalate into a deadly pattern of tit-for-tat attacks – secret assassins, reprisals, edge-of-your-seat stuff that had me peering through my fingers at the screen.” 

NY Post – “‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 has more murder and sex — wastes Matt Smith. Similar to Season 1, Season 2 doesn’t compare to the original show in terms of character depth and writing quality. Where “Game of Thrones” was Christopher Nolan, “House of the Dragon” is Michael Bay. It’s more bombastic and less smart, but still fun in its own way.

Season 2 is bigger and bloodier. It brings more dragons, battles, murder, scheming, revenge, full frontal nudity, and sex (some of it between people who aren’t blood relatives, a novelty).”

Daemon Targaryen

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TV Guide – “The Game of Thrones formula isn’t fresh, but it’s still effective. Season 1 did the same thing, and the second half of the season was much more exciting than the first half, so I’m not overly concerned. A lot of setup before end-of-season blowouts has always been part of the Game of Thrones model. ” 

The Wrap – “War makes the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel even better, the HBO series returns with an urgent need across Westeros to choose sides before all hell breaks loose. With so much history established between the Blacks and the Greens throughout last season, “House of the Dragon” soars even higher this time as it leverages the audience’s past to inform its present.”

Yahoo UK – “The Dance of Dragons truly begins in fiery triumph. House of the Dragon is still full of all the things viewers have come to love, the court intrigue and the deception, but most importantly the action. ” 

Slash Film“Game Of Thrones, but moreso in this terrific second season. “House of the Dragon” ultimately does deliver the lavish and horror-tinged war sequences that defined the later seasons of “Game of Thrones,” but it’s these early moments that stick with the viewer.”

corlys and Alyn

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Other House of the Dragon Season 2 reviews:

Screen Rant – “HBO Promised War, But You’re Not Ready For How Good It Is” 

The Telegraph – “A soaring, roaring blockbuster to rival anything in the cinema” 

Radio Times – “A masterful second act”

Paste Magazine – “House of the Dragon Remains the Fantasy Equivalent of Reality TV in Largely Entertaining Second Season”

Decider – “The HBO Hit Channels the Shock and Horror that Made ‘Game of Thrones’ So Addictive”

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