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Here's everything you need to know about the giants in Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones gave us two giants that we started to adore, this includes our beloved late Hodor who’s not actually a giant but seems like one, and the very recently departed Wun Wun, who was part of Jon Snow’s army during the battle in the North. After ‘Battle of the Bastards’, the number of giants that we saw on the show on a regular basis seems to have disappeared. Wun Wun marked the possible end of the last of giants we saw on the show. Before we delve into how many are left, let’s take a look at a few things about these huge creatures.

Giants, according to the books, can grow up to 12 feet, and sometimes even more. Most giants are found north of the Wall, and in the show we saw one or two more than Wun Wun. They speak the Old Tongue called Mag Nuk, and their words are usually reduced to a syllable or two. Their faces are sort of squished and they have very tiny eyes. The Giants usually wield logs and use them as clubs and they ride mammoths and thet are very much aware of what the White Walkers are and what they can do. Wun Wun seemed to know a bit seeing he is holding Dragonglass in this picture:

Bran Stark had once said that the giants are almost gone, and we’ve only seen a few of them on the show compared to that in the books. And according to the books, Old Nan spoke of giants who were much larger and intimidating than the ones we’ve seen. These legendary giants are mentioned a few times in the tales of Old Nan, and can be awoken through the Horn of Winter, which hasn’t been mentioned in the show.

Based on the fact that there might be more giants north of the Wall that we haven’t seen, here’s a picture of one of them shooting an arrow in season 4:

We saw a few other giants during the Wildling attack on the Wall, one of them was called Mag the Mighty but he died during the battle.

The natural language of the giants is usually the Old Tongue, which is what we hear Wun Wun speak as well. The other giants are extremely powerful and can rip humans apart in one stroke. When giants are loyal to someone, like Wun-Wun was to Jon Snow, they follow through to their promise even though they might not speak much.

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We hope we can see more giants from north of the wall further on in the show.


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