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Here are some amazing illustrations of Nettles, Sheepstealer and Cregan Stark from The Rise of the Dragon



Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon season 1 has come to a shocking end, and it might still be a while before the second season is finally here. So while we wait to see what happens next in the Targaryen saga, George R. R. Martin is dropping bombs regarding his work, whether it is about Winds of Winter or other Game of Thrones spinoff shows. In one of his more recent announcements, Martin recently introduced The Rise of The Dragon: An Illustration History of the Targaryen Dynasty The Rise of The Dragon, a visual history of House Targaryen that consists of 180 amazing new illustrations based on the book Fire and Blood.

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The book gives us a first look at Nettles, Sheapstealer, and Cregan Stark.

Ertaç Altınöz, the illustrator for The Rise of The Dragon and the above images, recently sat down with Los Siete Reinos to have a chat, and said, “I think the reason for that is my drawing style. I have always made realistic representations of the scenes that were requested of me. This book includes the era of the Dance with the Dragons that is told in the House of the Dragon series, so perhaps that choice is because of my connection to movies and series or my general attitude towards illustration. Maybe it’s because of my university training in film and television.”

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