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HBO’s Head of Drama shares why House of The Dragon Season 2 has 8 episodes instead of 10



House of the Dragon

HBO is currently working on the second season of the House of The Dragon prequel to Game of Thrones. Like with its predecessor, fans have so far showered the fantasy epic with love, praising the characters, plotlines, settings, and other elements that make it so captivating. However, a number of fans are disappointed because the second season will only have 8 episodes.

Why does House of The Dragon Season 2 have just 8 episodes?

Francesca Orsi, HBO’s Chief of Drama, explained to Deadline, “There was some question about the narrative shape of Season 2. We were developing it with Ryan Condal and [EP] Sara Hess, and we realized that we were sort of treading water narratively in the middle of the season. So it just felt much more rigorous, more urgent emotional arc for our characters if we compressed the season. And then that also dictated how we would kick off Season 3.”

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House of The Dragon

House of The Dragon Season 3 will arrive sooner than expected

Orsi also reflected on whether Season 3 will be here sooner than the previous installments, “We are mindful of rolling into Season 3 more quickly after Season 2, but that hasn’t been officially sorted out because right now we’re just trying to get Season 2 off the ground.”

HBO is confident about House of The Dragon Season 2

Orsi also reflected on her thoughts about Season 2, “With all eight scripts written by Ryan, despite pencils down, I can say that we’re really confident about what we’re doing and the team that we have in place for Season 2. To be honest, we think that the audience will be just as pleased if not more so.”

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