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HBO releases behind the scenes video of the Frozen Lake battle from Beyond the Wall



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The latest Game Of Thrones episode, “Beyond the Wall” gave us one of the most thrilling battle scenes ever and the scale at which it was created was simply epic. We got to see a zombie Polar Bear in the episode and from there, things just went on getting crazier with every passing minute. We then got to see Jon Snow fighting against a White Walker and then being chased by the Wight army before Daenerys swooped in, to save the day. However, things got even crazier from there and the Night King managed to kill Viserion and in the end resurrected him.

The moment I watched the episode, I was stunned, looking at how grand the fight scenes were and also the scenes involving the Dragons. During the 4th episode, we got to see the Loot Train Attack and we were amazed looking at the efforts that went into creating the battle scenes and the latest episode took things to the next level.

Looking at these marvelous scenes, you know that the team behind the show had put in everything to make sure the fans would be greeted by a visual spectacle and they successfully managed to pull off this crazy episode that focused mostly on the scenes beyond the Wall.

HBO has now released a 13 minutes long behind the scenes video from the latest episode, in which the showrunners talk about how they created the episode and also take us to the filming locations that were involved in the “Beyond the Wall” episode. Take a look at the video below:


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