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Game of Thrones Season 8 has a quick filming session at Ballintoy Harbour



Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8, as you all might know. The show has had a change of locations after they finished filming a big battle sequence set up north at three different locations, including the Magheramorne Quarry set that we reported extensively about. Now, the next leg of filming is going to move to a few more sets. Starting off, we know that the next big part will be played by the King’s Landing set at Belfast, Northern Ireland, while filming is also set to happen at the Dragonpit setup at Italica, Seville, Spain. Now we have news that the show has had a quick return to one more filming location we have seen in the past:Ballintoy Harbour, and the filming has even been wrapped up already! Read on!

Now, if you don’t remember Ballintoy Harbour, it’s a place in Northern Ireland which stood in for Lordsport on the Iron Islands. We had a quick peek at the filming preparations and some initial filming going on at this location, thanks to Irish Thrones and Oakleaf Photography:

Ballintoy,Pics courtesy this time from our “Watchers on the Irish North Coast™” ? Filming marquee for actors,staff,complete with telescopic machinery for possible lighting during night shoots. Could this be a certain surprise invasion of the Iron Islands? ?? ?#GameOfThrones

— Irish Thrones (@IrishThrones) April 20, 2018

Cast and crew hard at work today in #ballintoy Ireland filmimg #GOT8 unfortunately its hard to tell whats goin on from these pics. Security is very tight around the area. @WatchersOTWall @WiCnet @GofTNews @GameOfThronesF_ #WinterIsComing #GOT #GameofThrones8

— Oakleaf Photography (@jct_c) April 23, 2018

The production filmed there for a few days, and has since then cleared out, according to a new picture posted to the r/FreeFolk subreddit, feat. a very cute dog:

As of this morning, filming in Ballintoy has finished from freefolk

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The production filmed there for a mere 3-4 days, so looks like we will have a scene or two from the Iron Islands in Season 8. Any theories on what these could be? Hit us up in the comments, down below!


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