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This interactive and detailed map will take you through the extensive world of Game of Thrones



There are too many locations and characters on Game of Thrones to count, and all of them have detailed descriptions behind them. It’s hard to remember everything, but if you’re as dedicated a fan as Quartermaester is, you’d end up making an interactive map that shows every detail of the locations of Game of Thrones, be it finding out how close the towns of Essos are or how much area Westeros can cover.

The map is so elaborate that if you click on one location, you get all the important details like the exact spot, and the House that rules it. You can even trace the routes that the vital characters used throughout the TV series and also in the books, and the best part is that if you’re still on season 6, you can even filter the spoilers from it, making it even more interesting an activity!

Using this interactive map fans can search for the differences between the TV show and the books. Take a look at the example of the comparison between Sansa Stark‘s journey throughout Westeros in the TV show and the books below.

Sansa Stark’s journey in the TV series

Sansa Stark’s journey in the books

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Using this map you can find out the huge difference between what we are shown in the TV series and what was written by George R.R. Martin in his books. In the books Sansa Stark never travelled to Winterfell to marry Ramsay Bolton. Game of Thrones fans can just sit in front of this interactive map and spend hours learning about new places and finding more details about the characters and their houses.


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