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Harvey Sadler (young Lucerys) shares his House of the Dragon audition tape




House of the Dragon has consistently been praised for its casting. Much like its predecessor Game of Thrones, the show had its fair share of child actors who did a tremendously amazing job. We didn’t get to see them on-screen for long as the time-skips age them up pretty quickly. However, actor Harvey Sadler, who played young Lucerys, revealed a part of his audition tape and won our hearts once again with his adorable performance.

Harvey Sadler’s House of the Dragon audition tape revealed

Lucerys Velaryon was portrayed by two actors on-screen – Harvey Sadler and Elliot Grihault. Sadler plays a younger version of Luke. In a TikTok clip, which was reposted by @ASong0fRhaenyra on X, Sadler can be seen reciting a few lines from his House of the Dragon audition. It appears like he is talking to Jacaerys, his older brother, and how he has a crooked little finger like his mom, Rhaenyra.

Fans are reminded of Lucerys’ innocence on watching Harvey Sadler’s clip

The final episode of House of the Dragon Season 1 was devastating for fans. Prince Lucerys tragically dies after Vhagar and Aemond chase him down and are chomped down by the massive dragon. Fans couldn’t hold back their tears after seeing Sadler’s audition tape.

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