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House of the Dragon director opens up about the show’s numerous time-skips




Thanks to the several time jumps we have witnessed since the beginning of the series, House of The Dragon Season 2 will begin with a full-blown civil war with the now adult characters. This is significant since the series’ real plot point is reached through time jumps, which are necessary given that the conflict between the Greens and the Blacks spans several decades. The show’s director Clare Kilner recently opened up about how her team felt about it.

The time jumps were necessary for House of the Dragon

Kilner, in a recent interview with THR, said, “I think they feel it paid off. You can’t please everyone, and storytelling is so personal. When you’re on set, you just have to make decisions and own them, and I’m sure that’s true with showrunners as well. We’re really invested in these characters now and understand where they came from — especially with the fighting between [the characters as] kids and what they did to each other — and the effect of that feels very present in this season.”


How Clare Kilner utilized the huge sets of House of the Dragon

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Kilner explained, “One of the most interesting things for me is the sets are so enormous and you need to do blocking in a different way. If you block people around a table and somebody walks to a window, it takes two minutes to get there. So you really do a lot of incredibly wide Lawrence of Arabia shots to frame these sets beautifully and also to show how small and insignificant people feel in these huge, dark spaces.”

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