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Harry Collett (Jacaerys) is now the brand ambassador of HUMEN




We almost rarely find time for our families these days, much less set aside time for ourselves, amid our hectic lives. The ability to feel emotions is gradually slipping from us. This frequently results in mental disorders of one kind or another. House of the Dragon star Harry Collett, who plays Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, knows how important mental health is, having worked in a tightly-packed schedule himself. He is making his support evident by supporting the mental health organization, HUMEN.

Harry Collett is the new brand ambassador of HUMEN

Collett has been selected as the new brand ambassador for HUMEN, an NGO concerned with the well-being of men’s mental health. Collett has also posted the news on his story, understanding the need to create awareness about men’s mental health, which has often been ignored in today’s fast-paced world.

What is HUMEN?

HUMEN is leading a global movement to improve and maintain men’s mental health through The HUMEN Space. 74% of suicides in the US and the UK are by men.

HUMEN Space, also known as the Gym For Your Mind, is a global network of non-clinical, anonymous venues where men may regularly interact, communicate, and listen to one another. They are working to shift the narrative such that, instead of being the exception, a preventative strategy is the rule rather than the exception.

HUMEN is offering 3 months of free therapy to men everywhere, which you can claim by clicking the link right here.

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