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Hannah Murray (Gilly) discusses her deleted scene from Game of Thrones season 7



Game of Thrones is done with filming Season 8, and the stars are giving interviews regarding their experience while filming the final season. One of them is Hannah Murray, who plays the role of Gilly on the show. She recently talked about a deleted Season 7 scene, in an interview. Read on!


Now, you know the Game of Thrones fan convention, Con of Thrones, which was recently held, had quite a few stars from the show as guests. Hannah was one of them, and she talked to Game of Thrones fan site, Winter is Coming. The bits from the interview are being released slowly, and today we have one where Hannah discussed a deleted scene in Season 7, featuring her. Here’s what the piece reads:

“It’s actually an extended version of the scene from “Eastwatch” where Gilly reads about “Ragar” Targaryenand inadvertently stumbles upon the secret of Jon Snow’s true parentage. In the deleted portion, Gilly also discovered something much more personal. According to Murray, Gilly read a book titled Legend of the Long Night, which contained a story about a wildling who sacrificed his sons to the White Walkers. That, of course, sounds very much like what Gilly’s father Craster did to his own sons, and what almost happened to Baby Sam.”

So apparently the scene was supposed to be longer, but got chopped. Hannah also revealed that the prop department had made the book whole, and joked about reading parts of it between takes.

She talked about a lot of other things, too. For starters, little Sam will be portrayed by a new set of twins in Season 8. She revealed that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) calls her “Sack” because of her Wildling costume for the first four seasons. She also said that Gilly sees Jon as competition for Sam, and doesn’t like him much. She also said that she ships Brienne and Jaime, loves Tyrion and Sansa, and would love to play Cersei or Tyrion.

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