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“Great back and forth with George”: Aegon’s Conquest spinoff writer Mattson Tomlin discusses upcoming show



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One of the major turning points in Targaryen’s history was Aegon’s Conquest. Aegon I rose to power and decided to consolidate the seven kingdoms. Thus, he became the first king of the seven kingdoms and forged an Iron Throne. We already have a Game of Thrones spinoff around this in the works, and the writing seems to be going well.

Who is writing the script for Aegon’s Conquest?

Iron Throne

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Romania-based filmmaker and writer Mattson Tomlin is currently working on scripting Aegon’s Conquest. The show will dive into the historical events that made House Targaryen one of the most fierce and courageous families in the world. Though there is no dedicated book written on this significant event, Tomlin claimed that he is crafting the show based on the pages of Fire & Blood dedicated to this narrative. In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, he said,

“That one is very early days where I’m currently writing the script, currently doing a lot of great back and forth with George.”

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What will the Aegon’s Conquest prequel be about?


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It was reported that HBO is keen to get the show into production soon. But it seems like they are yet to formally greenlight the series. That is not stopping Tomlin from going all in and penning a script that does justice to such a crucial event in the history of the Targaryens and Westeros in general. Tomlin further added,

“In speaking to George, it became really clear, ‘This is history, treat this like it is what happened.’ Unlike the original series, I don’t have thousands of pages to go off to adapt. I’ve got a couple hundred that I’m really focused on, and in those pages of Fire & Blood, there are a lot of clues. It kind of turns into doing Napoleon or doing Alexander the Great or doing some great historical figure where we know a lot about the guy. We know where he was, we know who he conquered, we know who lived, and we know who died. That all becomes the plot, and then it becomes my job to go, but what did it mean thematically? How did it feel? What were the emotions when this person died and this person lived? We don’t have the context. We don’t know what anybody said.”

Connecting the dots between events and making sense of the game-changing characters will be very important in the show. Fire & Blood is not written like a story. Rather, like a historical document by the Maesters, it will give Tomlin a chance to weave an intricate story that best depicts the conquest.

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Aegon’s Conquest expected release date

Aegon's Conquest in the works

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There has been no official confirmation or announcement by HBO at the moment. Over the years, it has planned to set multiple shows and projects in the expansive world of George R.R. Martin. However, only House of the Dragon has been seen through to release after Game of Thrones. Given the incredible success of both shows, it comes as no surprise that HBO wants more shows set in the same universe. We are still waiting on an official announcement by HBO confirming the show Aegon’s Conquest is in the works.

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