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George R.R. Martin says he’s feeling better after recent Covid tests




Game of Thrones fans had a lot of positive takeaways from the last month, from the release of House of The Dragon’s trailer to the world premiere, and of course the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 which was attended by the cast and the crew of the upcoming prequel. However, the show’s progenitor George R. R. Martin gave all the fans a scare last week when he tested positive for Covid after his appearance at SDCC 2022. Martin recently connected with his fans via a video message to update them about his condition.

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The video message was also posted on his blog, Not A Blog:

He said, “Hi there! It’s me again. I’m still away from my computer and still quarantined in this hotel room as I’ve been for the last number of days. However, good news, as of my covid test this morning I’m now negative. So, I’ve been through the worst of it. And I guess I can shortly rejoin the land of living. Still gotta figure things out though because my assistant Sid who is traveling with me, she’s still positive. So we’ll figure that out. She’s just a few days behind me obviously as she was quarantined next to me.”

“So all in all my experience was pretty mild compared to what other people have gone through. The first couple of days I had really mild symptoms, just an occasional cough and some sniffling. On about the third day of my quarantine, at night my throat got sore, really really sore so it kept me up half the night. But I finally managed to get to sleep because I was so tired and then when I woke up the next morning it was gone. So the symptoms of this thing are odd.”

It looks like Martin is doing much better now, and hopefully will be back to his work very soon. Send your well wishes to the author in the comments below!


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