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Game of Thrones themed restaurant opens up in Islamabad



Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows, ever, and it’s no surprise when somebody tries to use the popularity of the show to their advantage. Many a businesses have taken a ride on the Thrones train, and the latest one will certainly pique your interest : A Game of Thrones themed restaurant. Named King’s Landing Cafe & Grill, the restaurant has been opened up in Bahria Town, Islamabad. It comes from the minds of five engineering graduates, who were unable to find work in their own field.

Ali Saif, Moiz Hashmi, Hammad Anwar, Arslan Sajid, and Qasim Ben Tariq are the co-founders of the King’s Landing Cafe & Grill. Talking to The Express Tribune, Qasim said :

“The current job market for engineers is so disappointing that we were left with no choice but to put our creativity to good use. So we started our quest for an appropriate entrepreneurial venture and all options were put under consideration.

After research, we identified that the formula for success is to provide the modern day consumers with a unique experience and memories associated with a product or service.”

The decor is quite appreciable, we must say! They say that all the decorative items are bought from international sources. The cafe has a replica of the Iron Throne, in addition to maps and pictures from the show. Check out some of the decor from the cafe, below :

Now, the cafe apparently isn’t only about the decor, either. The food matches up to the expectations that the ambiance sets. The items are all the ones you would expect to find at a typical decent cafe and grill, but with Game of Thrones-themed names. Some of the notable ones include the Little Fingers, King of the Andals, Valar Spaghetti Pasta, Sand Snake Pasta, the Cheesy Khaleesi, the Red Keep, the Hound’s Chicken and more.

The cafe has a very interesting offer meal, too! Titled the Mighty Mountain Challenge, it needs the customer to finish a huge beef burger in a specific time to get a discount of 50%, and their name into the Hall of Fame of the cafe. The winner also gets a 10% discount on every bill, until his/her score is beaten.

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