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Actor Jacob Anderson who plays Grey Worm on Game of Thrones won't be disappointed if his character is killed

Since characters on Game of Thrones have a horrible habit of dying whenever the writers wish, we know that there is usually no hope for most people on the show to survive. Where a lot of fans and some actors as well fear for their lives on the HBO fantasy drama, the actor who plays Grey Worm doesn’t think so. Grey Worm is one of the fan favourite characters, and with his history of valiant warrior skills, most of us don’t want him to die. However, Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm on Game of Thrones does not seem to care if his character is killed off on the show, neither would he be surprised if he was next on the hit list of the show runners and writers.

Though Anderson is glad that he isn’t dead yet, he also says that it wouldn’t exactly matter to him if his character were to be killed. He said,“I’m very glad that I’m not dead yet – it feels like a bit of an honour. But at the same time I don’t think I’d be that upset if I did die, because if there’s any show in the world that you’d want to die on, it would be this one as everyone gets good deaths.I just wouldn’t want an off-screen death. I just hope he finds some happiness – that’s all I want for this character.”

Jacob Anderson might not be very upset at the death of his character, but some fans surely might be.