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Game of Thrones prequel about Aegon the Conqueror reportedly got scrapped at the last minute




House of the Dragon, a GoT spin-off centered around the now-extinct Targaryen family will hit airwaves on August 21. However, sources familiar with the matter have told The Hollywood Reporter that there were five different storylines planned, one of which detailed the exploits of the first Targaryen emperor: Aegon the Conqueror. Unfortunately, the show got axed at the last minute.

As the name clearly suggests, Aegon the Conquerer was the first Targaryen to conquer all of Westeros. He even went as far to change the chronology of the region to AC (After Conquest) and BC (Before Conquest). THR’s report says the show was about Aegon’s conquest of Westeros. Attached to the project as writers were Rand Ravich and Far Shariat (The Astronaut’s Wife). The script showed Aegon as a “drunken lout.”

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It is unclear as to why HBO decided to pull the plug on the show, but an Aegon-centric storyline could likely make a comeback in the future.

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By Amok Amokov

Unlike Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon will span only for three or four seasons. That roughly translates to four or five years. This will give writers ample time to pore through the source material and concoct a show about Aegon the Conqueror. Not only will it serve as a prequel to The House of the Dragon, but also keep the Targaryen storyline alive.

Then again, the A Song of Ice and Fire universe is chock full of interesting epics, dynasties, and characters, allowing HBO to switch things up a little should the audience get sick of the Targaryens, who, at this point, are still reviled because of Daenerys’ actions in Game of Thrones.

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