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Highly anticipated Game of Thrones play to remain unaffected by writers’ and actors’ strikes




The roots of the Weirwood trees are spreading deeper into Westeros. HBO is excited to explore Godswood and beyond with many spinoffs in the works, the first of which is House of The Dragon, which is presently in the production process of its second season. One of those projects also includes a highly anticipated Game of Thrones play, called The Iron Throne, scheduled to arrive at West End quite soon.

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The production on The Iron Throne play is still underway

Martin recently declared on his blog Not A Blog, “Last week we had a great meeting with the producers on THE IRON THRONE, the stage play we’ve been working on the past few years. The scripts for that one are coming along well, and it’s got me very excited. SAG-AFTRA covers television and film, but not the stage, so the strike has no impact there. Maybe we will even be able to bring the show to the West End by… well, no, better not say, do not want to jinx the project.”

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HBO’s contract with George R.R. Martin has been suspended

George R. R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones, is a supporter of the ongoing writers and actors strikes. Martin reminded his followers, “As for me personally, my overall deal with HBO was suspended on June 1.”
However, it is unclear whether the arrangement was cancelled by HBO or if he gave it up to show unity with his writing buddies. This revelation, however, is terrible news for Game of Thrones spinoffs, as they cannot proceed ahead without Martin’s presence or agreement.

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