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George R.R. Martin says Paddy Considine’s 2023 Emmy Awards snub is heartbreaking




The finest show to premiere in 2022 was unarguably House of the Dragon, with Paddy Considine shining brightest in its crown. Considine’s portrayal of Viserys Targaryen gave the character a fresh dimension that was lacking even in George R. R. Martin‘s original novel, Fire & Blood. However, when Considine’s magnificent performance failed to win an Emmy nomination this year, both the fans and George R. R. Martin felt deeply saddened by it.

George R. R. Martin congratulates House of the Dragon crew

Martin congratulated the crew on his blog Not A Blog, “My congratulations to Ryan Condal, Miguel Sapochnick, and the amazing cast and crew of HOT D. They did some amazing work, and this recognition is well deserved. Come Emmy night, I hope some of them get to take home a golden lady… but win or lose, it IS an honor just to be nominated.

NEWSHouse of the Dragon’s Paddy Considine

((No idea at this writing when that Emmy night will be. The televised ceremony is scheduled for September 18, with the technical awards a week earlier, but if the strikes have not been settled by then, there is an excellent chance everything will be pushed back to November, or even to next year.)) ((Whether that happens or not, it is unlikely that I will be attending this year’s awards. Too much to do)).”

Paddy Considine should’ve won a “shelf full of awards”

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Martin also addressed the issue of Considine not being nominated for the Emmys, “Most of our team will have other shots at the prize in seasons to come, to be sure ((I lost six Emmy Awards before I won my first)), but that’s not true for Paddy Considine, alas, not unless Ryan brings King Viserys back as a White Walker — and that’s heartbreaking. My gods, his portrayal was magnificent. He earned a shelf of trophies for episode eight alone.

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