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Game of Thrones left Night King’s origin unanswered, and it’s still driving fans crazy



The Night King (as a human)

Remember when Leaf and the rest of the Children of The Forest made the first White Walker, the Night King? The scene from Season 6, Episode 5 caught a lot of attention. Unfortunately, there was no more explanation for the scene, and it was never mentioned again. This laid to rest all the speculation related to how the unidentified character, who was the human form of Night King, could have been someone like Bran Stark.

The Scene of the Night King’s origin

Leaf brandishing the dragonglass dagger to the Night King

Credit: HBO

In this notable Game of Thrones scene, viewers found themselves immersed in Bran Stark’s extraordinary journey as he tapped into his Greenseeing abilities. With a sense of detachment from the present, he approached a weirwood tree encircled by many stones. The stones form a spiral. Here, the mystical Children of the Forest had assembled.

As our gaze settled on the scene, we are drawn to Leaf. She stoods at the forefront of this gathering. The rest of the Children surrounded a man, firmly bound to a tree. Their intent becomes clear as they proceeded to perform a ritual.

Following this, Leaf and her fellow Children brandished a dragonglass dagger, poised to strike a fateful blow. Leaf  plunged the blade into the man’s heart, symbolizing a profound sacrifice that will resonate through the ages.

Consequently, In a haunting transformation, the man’s once-vibrant eyes are overtaken by a familiar icy blue hue. What now stood before us was the genesis of a terrifying force—an embodiment of death and cold known as the first White Walker.

The discussion

In a recent post, Redditor TeaNo5656 recently started a discussion on r/freefolk related to this scene.  According to them, it “eventually turned out to be absolutely meaningless.” A lot of fans feel the same way, given how this is one of the biggest Game of Thrones loose ends.

Remember this scene which eventually turned out to be absolutely meaningless?
by u/TeaNo5656 in freefolk

Moreover, the fact that this scene was not revisited or mentioned again in the show caused disappointment among redditors. Fans were hoping to understand the deeper meaning behind the spiral formation, which became a part of the night king’s MO, as he left corpses in the same formation.

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Perhaps this scene only served to reveal the night king’s mysterious origin and the fact that he had never forgotten about it.

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