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The Night King was present in more battles than you think, and you never noticed him!




Most of us remember Vladimir Furdik as the icy cold terrifying menace The Night King, who was the main supernatural antagonist in the Game of Thrones. Though he had a kind of underwhelming death in the series, according to some fans, we can’t deny the actor/stuntman did a great job scaring the s#it out of the characters on-screen.

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Furdik was a part of Game of Thrones even before he was the Night King, serving as a stunt coordinator since season 5, and he has been in every major battle since then, and no one ever noticed him. He was there at the battle of Hardhome, playing the White Walker who was felled by Jon Snow’s Longclaw, and has been in every single battle right up to the Battle of King’s Landing in the final season.

The above fact was revealed by the face of the extras on Game of Thrones, Andrew McClay, in a recent interview with Game of Laughs:

“I think it’s the battles that I’d like to bring up because every battle that we did, we always went through training camps. And these were run by Vladimir Furdik, who was the Night King of course. And he was just so nice, whenever he was teaching his s#!t. He’d just be like doing your few moves and stuff and then you repeated with your partner, and he’s just like, “I like what I’m seeing, I like what you do. I like this.” You know. And he’d never say, “Ah that’s s#!t. This is s#!t.” He’d say like, “Oh maybe you want to try this instead, or this.” He really made you feel like you were doing good work.”


“And you know whenever we were on to the battlefield he was always there, cuz he was head of stonks. Not only was he the Night King, but he was always fighting as a Stark, or fighting as a Bolton, you just never saw his face, you know.”

Do you think the Night King deserved more screen time on Game of Thrones? Talk to us in the comments below!


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