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George R.R. Martin is unhappy with Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon using the wrong Targaryen sigil

George R.R. Martin clarifies that the Targaryen sigil has two legs and Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon used the incorrect sigil.



George R.R. Martin is unhappy with Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon using the wrong Targaryen sigil
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George R.R. Martin has watched the latest House of the Dragon season 2 episode. It’s safe to say he has his opinions. The author recently published a blog, talking in depth about his love for dragons and what they stand for in his narrative.

However, one thing that stood out in his musings is how Game of Thrones presented one very important detail incorrectly. Here’s what.

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Game of Thrones messed with the Targaryen Sigil, and George isn’t happy

A sigil is one of the most forefront and recognizable aspects for a House to showcase their standing. From the wolf of the Starks to the dragon of the Targaryens, the sigils spoke for the House before any Lord could.

Apparently, during Daenerys’s voyage sequence as she travels West to claim her throne, the showrunners of Game of Thrones dropped the ball and presented an incorrect Targaryen sigil. In his latest Not a Blog, author George R.R. Martin clarifies this confusion and tells his fans what the real sigil looks like.

“The shows got it half right (both of them). GAME OF THRONES gave us the correct two-legged sigils for the first four seasons and most of the fifth, but when Dany’s fleet hove into view, all the sails showed four-legged dragons. Someone got sloppy, I guess. Or someone opened a book on heraldry and read just enough of it to muck it all up. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Right and Wrong Targaryen sigil

Credits: George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin points out the wrong Targaryen sigil in House of the Dragon as well

“A couple years on, HOUSE OF THE DRAGON decided the heraldry should be consistent with GAME OF THRONES.. but they went with the bad sigil rather than the good one. That sound you heard was me screaming, “no, no, no.” Those damned extra legs have even wormed their way onto the covers of my books, over my strenuous objections.”

Targaryen Sigil in House of the Dragon

Credits: Max

House of the Dragon also makes the same mistake since it wants to continue the consistency of Game of Thrones. Such tiny details might seem trivial to the common masses. But the people who are familiar with the story and its history know how getting a sigil wrong can get people hanged in the show.

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