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We might see Cregan Stark in the next House of the Dragon episode

Is Cregan Stark making an appearance soon?



Cregan Stark and Jacaerys Targaryen
Credits: Max

There’s word that Cregan Stark might appear in the next episode of House of the Dragon. Fans were first introduced to this highly anticipated character in Season 1 of House of the Dragon. Cregan met with Jace on the Wall to discuss lending aid to Rhaenyra and the war efforts.

Many fans were disappointed that Cregan’s appearance was so short. His brief appearance reminded us of the Starks of Winterfell from Game of Thrones.

Now, a clue has appeared that we may see him again in the next series episode. While this is not confirmed, storyboard art by Adam Prescott hints at this possibility.

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07/14/2024 04:02 am GMT

We may see Cregan stark at The Twins in House of the Dragon

It's possible we might see Cregan Stark and the Winter Wolves in next episode
byu/iRahulJadhav inWikiOfThrones

Adam Prescott’s storyboard for House of the Dragon has fans speculating about a possible appearance of Cregan Stark. The storyboard shows Cregan Stark leading the Winter Wolves at The Twins. As we have seen from the Episode 5 promo, Jacaerys will be at the Twins in the next episode, and we may see Cregan show up with his greybeards to meet him. You can watch the Episode 5 promo video here:

House of the Dragon Season 2 | Episode 5 Preview | Max

It’s important to remember that storyboards are preliminary, and things can change during production, so Cregan may not appear. Actor Tom Taylor, who plays Cregan Stark, mentioned that he would only appear in one episode.

In Fire and Blood, Lord Roderick Dustin led the Winter Wolves to the Twins to convene with Lord Forrest Frey and his wife, Sabitha. A shot from the Weeks Ahead trailer might have already shown a glimpse of Lord Forrest, so House of the Dragon may be adapting this storyline with Lord Cregan in the place of Lord Dustin.

Lord Forrest Lady Sabitha Jacaerys

(Speculated) Lord Forrest and Lady Sabitha with Jacaerys. (Credits: Max)

This would also be a good reunion for Jacaerys and Cregan, as they shared a close bond in the book, forming the Pact of Ice and Fire. However, it’s equally possible that Cregan’s introduction might be saved for later episodes or even a future season. In Fire and Blood, Lord Cregan stays out of the war as he prepares for the harvest in the North.

In House of the Dragon, Cregan chooses to stay in the North to defend it and reinforce the Wall against what lies beyond it: the White Walkers. The book has Cregan Stark showing up at King’s Landing only after the war ends and passing judgment on the guilty during the Hour of the Wolf. It remains to be seen what route the show will take.

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