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Game of Thrones extras wore Sansa and Tyrion’s costumes for the first ever wedding celebration at Studio Tour



There’s a renewed excitement to view Game of Thrones artifacts ever since the prequel House of The Dragon aired, and there’s no better place to relive the nostalgic feeling of wandering into your favorite show than the Game of Thrones Official Studio Tour in Northern Ireland. Though weddings on Game of Thrones or House of The Dragon weren’t particularly all laughter and cheery, the studio tour witnessed its first-ever wedding recently, quite perfectly timed on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which saw two Game of Thrones extras tie the knot in the most spectacular fashion.

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Actors Miguel Cabrerizo and Marzenka Kochanowska, who had played several minor roles in the HBO hit received the dream wedding location in the form of the authentic King’s Landing Map Room and courtyard set. After the series wrapped, the couple decided to become Tour Guides at Game of Thrones Studio Tour.

To continue with the romance theme, the studio tour launched a temporary wedding-themed display, bringing new costumes worn in the series. The Wedding costumes display will run until April and includes costumes worn by Sansa Stark for her marriage to Tyrion Lannister, Lysa Arryn for her marriage to Peter Baelish, the dress Lyanna Stark wore for her secret wedding to Rhaegar Targaryen, and Roslin Frey’s iconic dress worn for her wedding with Edmure Tully.

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