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Artist brings Drogon from Game of Thrones to life as a giant-size metal sculpture



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It’s not every day you get to see a dragon-sized sculpture of one of the most terrifying beasts from Game of Thrones. Canadian sculptor Kevin Stone just built a massive, 15,000-pound fire-breathing steel dragon in Drogon’s likeness, the biggest of all Daenerys’ dragons.  Stone has previously built a couple of these dragons, but Drogon was the first that actually breathes fire.

The project took over two years to finish and it was commissioned by a fan of the show, Matthew Focht. The man contacted him after he saw Stone’s work, specifically one that involved a giant eagle. “I said ‘You know, I could build anything. It doesn’t have to be an eagle,’ and he said ‘What about a Game of Thrones dragon?” said Stone in an interview. “I didn’t even know what Game of Thrones was when he said that, I just heard ‘dragon.’”

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15,000 Pound Fire Breathing Dragon

Stone had to then watch Game of Thrones up until the last season in the span of a week. The final price of the piece came up to about $110,000 USD. The dragon is positively large and stands 30 feet tall. It is 55 feet long and 45 feet wide. 2 years of hard labor resulted in this absolutely terrifying piece of art. The dragon was to sit outdoors in California but is now being moved to Utah. This raises concerns for Stone as he likens the wing to giant sails.

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“He’s going to be under a lot of physical stress. It’s good that I built him so strong,” Stone said. “I’m not worried about him actually breaking, it’s the fatigue on the wings. You could start seeing welds crack eventually.” Things could move along really well for all GoT related projects as there seems to be renewed interest in Game of Thrones again.

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