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Fabien Frankel (Ser Christon Cole) on his character’s lack of clout in the world of House of the Dragon




It requires a particular type of person to approach a Targaryen princess with just a smile and nothing else. Though, in the House of the Dragon’s premiere episode, that is exactly what the charming and enigmatic Ser Criston Cole did.

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Actor Fabien Frankel, who plays Cole on the show, was asked in a recent interview about what prompted the character to ask for Rhaenyra’s help during the tournament featured in Episode 1. He explained that the character felt it would be a good opportunity to get to know her better. The Brit got past his initial reservations and decided to open up about Criston’s lack of connections in King’s Landing.

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Ser Christon Cole is an outsider from the get-go

Christon’s background as a Dornishman makes him stand out amongst the Targaryens, Frankel says. With his dark hair, Criston is immediately recognizable as an outsider. This puts him at a disadvantage from the beginning, but his bold personality makes up for it.

Being isolated can sometimes make people feel bolder than usual as if they have nothing to lose. That’s probably how our protagonist felt when he went up against a daemon in a fistfight, even though he ended up winning. According to Frankel, isolation can definitely lead to some feelings of loneliness.

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