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We’ll feel an embarrassing relatability to Criston Cole by end of Season 2, says director Geeta Patel

Is Criston Cole deserving of the hate?



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Criston Cole as a character has been a point of contention among fans since House of the Dragon season 1. His actions have been guided by his petty emotions more than his honor and his oath. First, he fell for Rhaenyra Targaryen and when she rejected his proposal, Cole was singlemindedly focused on moving on and relieving his frustration elsewhere.

Now, in a controversial relationship with the Dowager Queen Alicent, Cole is still navigating the perils of power and ambition. With the Hand of the King title added to his existing Commander of the Kingsguard duties, Cole feels like an important part of Aegon II’s council.

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Geeta Patel shares her take on Criston Cole

We'll feel an embarassing relatability to Criston Cole by Season 2 end, says director Geeta Patel

Credits: Max

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 3 director Geeta Vasant Patel recently shared her perspective on Criston Cole’s controversial character. People have been hating on him for a long time while some see his point of view and sympathize with the heartbroken knight. Patel spoke to Variety about Criston Cole and shared,

He’s a very interesting character by the time you get to the season finale. There’s a lot of things that we will relate to and we will be embarrassed to relate to. What he shares with us in Episode 8 is pretty awesome — we all have a bit of Criston Cole in us. That’s what we’re building. There’s this vulnerability in Episode 3, and then it keeps building from there, and by the time you get to Episode 8, he has this beautiful moment where he shares what he thinks about the world and what he thinks about war.

Fans are excited to see Cole’s evolving nature from a timid Knight to one who sits proudly at the Small Council of the King of Seven Kingdoms. Cole has charted a long and tedious path to become a recognized Knight, someone others can look up to and respect. However, in his conversations with his peers, we see a certain apprehension to follow his lead since other soldiers feel Cole doesn’t fully deserve the responsibilities he has been handed.

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