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The dog from Blood and Cheese scene has an incredible rags-to-riches story

Bobby’s rise to stardom is no ordinary tail!



Bobby with Blood and Cheese
Credit: Max

Dogs are man’s best friend for many great reasons. The first episode of House of the Dragon season 2 offered a glimpse into the same by pairing Cheese with a scraggy dog that lives on the streets. However, the story of that same dog is very different in reality. A true celebrity, the dog in House of the Dragon is named Bobby.

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Bobby with Blood and Cheese

Bobby with Blood and Cheese

Credit: Max

Bobby’s ticket to Hollywood started with the movie Cruella. More recently, he plays Cheese’s companion in the latest episode of House of the Dragon season 2. For those who have seen the episode, you can understand the public outrage over Cheese kicking the dog to push him away. Fans have not been happy with the way the dog was treated and have expressed their fury on social media.

As Blood and Cheese enter the castle to find and slay Aemond Targaryen, they come across Halaena and her kids. To fulfill the promise of a son for a son, they decide to murder Aegon’s son instead. In anger, Cheese is seen kicking Bobby out of the way, something many fans dislike. The good boy deserves more love and kindness. On top of that, Bobby appears to be a bigger star than both Blood and Cheese actors.

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Bobby’s rags to riches tale

Bobby in Cruella

Credit: Disney

The first major role that shot Bobby to stardom was Cruella De Vil’s sidekick in the eponymous movie by Disney. Hollywood animal trainer Julie Tottman adopted Bobby after he was rescued from the streets of Cyprus. Moreover, his shaggy look and twisted ears made for an intriguing picture on screen. Talking about training and eventually casting Bobby, Tottman told the Mirror,

“Bobby is one of the easiest rescue animals I have worked with. He’s so natural, he picks the acting up and he thrives doing it. You get a bit more on set from a rescue animal because it’s like they have seen the bad and are so grateful, and they love and adore you for saving them. I always cry, it’s lovely when they do their first scene knowing where they have come from. The world writes them off but I know from experience that rescues are often the hardest working, most loyal and loving animals.”

The dog was rescued in an extremely tender condition. Along with being malnourished, Bobby suffered various scars that hinted at the mistreatment. With time, he started healing with better care and more love.

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