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Check out this amazing Jon Snow-Ygritte cosplay by Russian models!



Game of Thrones is a massive fandom, and some of the fans are just way too dedicated and and involved, to the point where they put in a lot of effort to create something as an homage to the show. We have fan-art, we have fan-fiction, and we have cosplays. Today, we have a cosplay of one of the older couples on the show, that sadly fell apart: Jon Snow, and his Wildling lover, Ygritte. Read on!

Now, while the pair fell apart, the actors playing them, Kit Harington, and Rose Leslie, are very much a real life couple, and they recently got engaged, and are scheduled to be wed later this year. As a celebration of their love, check out this brilliant cosplay of the couple, by Russian models,Olya BondarenkoandMikhail Selgis:

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This is a very good cosplay, especially because they look exactly like their inspirations in a couple of the pictures. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!