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Baela and Rhaena were dressed keeping Daenerys Targaryen in mind

McCall discussed how the costumes draw inspiration from Targaryen heritage.



Credits: Max

Max’s upcoming House of the Dragon season is set to premiere soon. Ashley Victoria Robinson from Popverse got an exclusive look at props and costumes from Team Black and Team Green at MCM Comic Con London. She spoke with the creators behind everything, from the sword props to the famous Targaryen dragon eggs.

The Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor, Master Armourer and Prop Master were interviewed. Costume designer Caroline McCall spoke about Daenerys’ costumes being similar to Baela and Rhaena.

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Costume designer Caroline McCall discusses Daenerys’ costume similarities to Baela and Rhaena

You can watch the full interview here:

Behind the Scenes of House of the Dragon | FULL PANEL | MCM London May 2024

During the interview, McCall was asked about the resemblance between Daenerys Targaryen’s and Baela and Rhaena Targaryen’s costumes. She explained she aimed to depict Daenerys holding onto her lineage and Valyria’s ancient civilisation. McCall stated:

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“I wanted that maybe in retrospect, Daenerys had been trying to hang on to their heritage and lineage by some of the techniques and things that were in her costumes. So yes I have used elements that I’ve decided on, or the kind of Targaryen aesthetic because I wanted to feel like… the Targaryens were from old Valyria. And it’s like one of the ancient cultures, you know the Romans the Egyptians. And try and lean into that and so there are embroidery techniques, there are um there are certain fabrics and things are similar to things that Daenerys wore.”

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