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Alfie Allen improvised Theon's redemption scene in Season 7 finale



Game of Thrones Season 7 had a lot of great turns to the storyline this time, with many of the characters getting little upgrades of their own. One of the characters we saw getting a redemption for himself, was Theon Greyjoy. He had a very powerful moment in the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, and apparently the actor that portrays Theon, Alfie Allen, improvised a very important and effective bit of this scene. Read on!

Now, if you’ve already forgotten, let us remind you. Theon is seen to return to his Reek self when Euron attacks their fleet, and captures Yara, as Theon does nothing. In the Season 7 finale, Theon talks to Jon Snow about his struggle of having to decide if he’s a Stark or a Greyjoy, and Jon tells him he is both.

Following this, Theon goes to the remaining Ironbon followers of Yara, and tells them they all should rescue Yara with him, which is followed by him taking a beating from one of them, and then him beating him to death. This scene ends with Theon walking to the shore, and splashing his face with the water, signifying the baptism of an all new Theon. Apparently this bit was Alfie’s doing, revealed director Jeremy Podeswa, in the commentary that shipped with the Season 7 DVD/Blu-ray boxset. He said :

“This was one of those happy accidents. We didn’t really…I didn’t know what Alfie was going to do when he got to the shoreline. I just asked him to walk out there at the end of this.”

DoP Greg Middleton added :

“And we just chased him out. I think I was on that close-up camera. I just chased him out there to try and get him putting water on his face.”

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It looks like Theon finally got his real Baptism as an Ironborn with his redemption, while Alfie managed to add another notch to his great performance as Theon. What do you think about this? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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