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Nathalie Emmanuel talks about how Game of Thrones changed her life



Very few people are lucky enough to land the job of their dreams. Blessed are the people who make the most of it, and turn it into something remarkable. The cast of Game of Thrones is no exception to that, each one of them did a fantastic job in making the show breath-taking. British actress Nathalie Emmanuel left a permanent mark on our minds with her role “Missandei”.

Missandei was a life changing role for Nathalie. In an interview with Vogue, she talked about the struggles she had to go through as a shy kid. From rarely getting an audition to shining up as one of the most lovable characters on the show, Nathalie has come a long way. She was already a fan of the show before she auditioned for it.

I heard about the audition… on like a casting website or one of the… main casting site.” She said,” And I saw it and I phoned my agent because I’d already been harassing her about Game of Thrones anyway. I was already like, ‘If there’s ever an audition for me, I need to be on this show… It’s so good.”

She was working at a retail store when she got the call. She recalls, “You know, nobody really gave me a shot… in anything to be honest. I couldn’t even really get auditions. I’d done the odd bit thing. And I was working in retail at the time and it’s just not my skill set… and, so I was like ‘oh god yes someone thinks I can do this’. And I was very close to going back to school and trying my hand at something else. [Game of Thrones] changed my life in a way. Yeah I’m forever grateful.

Nathalie describes her first day on the set as a “petrified” fan girl moment. She eventually bonded with the members on set. Even forming some lifelong friendships, like with Emilia Clarke. How do you feel about Nathalie’s road to success? Tell us in the comments below.

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