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Adidas unveils its new lineup of Game of Thrones Ultraboost sneakers and release date



Game of Thrones Season 8 is underway and the official trailer released recently gave us an insight of the major battle taking place at Winterfell filled with gore and death. Switching sides and taking the focus on the merchandise that Game of Thrones and HBO indulge in to keep their fanbase active, while recently enough we got a new beverage from Ommegang, we’ve also got the news that previously announced Game of Thrones inspired sneakers will soon make their way to online merchants and stores near you.

Brought to our sight by, Adidas has now officially announced its partnership with Game of Thrones to bring you these amazing six footwear. The six footwear as we previously shared are inspired by great houses and institutions of Westeros representing their own colours.

Earlier just rumors and leaks, these sneakers are now ready to make their way on and will begin their sale from March 22nd, ahead of the release of the final season of Game of Thrones. Initially just teased by the Twitter user Yeezy Mafia, the shoes will also be soon put up in the stores near you.

The entire collection of Ultra Boost sneakers come in different variants like House Stark, House Targaryen (Fire & Blood and White Fur), Night’s Watch, House Lannister, and White Walkers.

The worldwide retail price for a pair of these awesome sneakers is going to be $180 per pair. More details regarding the pricing, release date, and the style code can be found here.

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Game of Thrones is releasing on April 14, but ahead of that, how many of you are gonna’ grab one of these awesome pair of sneakers? Let us know in the comments section below.


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