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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game adds a new DLC called A Feast for Crows




A Game of Thrones: The Board Game has successfully incorporated the elements of the fantasy show into a video game. The latest patch introduced by Asmodee Digital has introduced a few new changes that will make you wanna jump right in and play with your friends. The digital board game has just released a new DLC called A Feast for Crows. It introduces a new four-player setting alongside features like a new faction, objective cards and victory conditions.


A Feast for Crows follows the story of House Arryn, who used to spend their lives peacefully on the mountaintops. These massive peaks protected its inhabitants from all the turmoil of Westeros, but now it seems like chaos has spread to House Arryn as well. Ned Stark’s brother-in-law and mentor, Lord Jon Arryn was brutally murdered and the members of his house will not stop until he’s avenged. All the plotting and planning will finally pay off as House Arryn is prepared to serve justice to any fool that thinks he can rule the Westeros.

A Game of Throne’s new DLC features seven new House cards for House Arryn, 28 secret objective cards, four faction cards, and ten new Westeros cards. The new four-person mode helps shift the lens from castles to victory conditions which require players to complete public and secret objectives.

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