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A deleted scene from House of the Dragon Season 1 explained why Aemond tried to claim Dreamfyre first



The House of The Dragon Season 1 finale has left us at the brink of a full-fledged civil war with the now-adult characters, owing to multiple time leaps that have been visible throughout the series. During one of his younger days, Aemond tried to claim Dreamfyre before he mounted on Vhagar. A deleted scene from the same episode explains why he tried to do so.

Why did Aemond try to claim Dreamfyre?

On viewing the sixth episode of House of the Dragon Season 1, a lot of viewers noticed that the scene started abruptly with Aemond sneaking into the dragonpit and trying to claim a dragon for himself, which turns out to be Dreafyre. According to the fansite Hotd Croatia, which has previously leaked deleted scenes, in a dialogue cut from the scene, Aemond says that Helaena isn’t that bothered with Dreamfyre, which is why he tries to claim the dragon for himself.

young helaena targaryen house of the dragon episode 6

There may be resistance to King Aegon II at King’s Landing

While Aegon, the eldest son of Alicent Hightower, is presently the King, not all is happy in King’s Landing. The falsehood that Viserys had selected Aegon on his deathbed was too much for some residents who still adored King Viserys and his chosen heir, Rhaenyra. Loni Peristere reportedly directed a sequence in Season 2 Episode 7 that shows precisely that.

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