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House of the Dragon reportedly filmed a deleted scene featuring Daemon taking Alicent’s virginity



Since the beginning of the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, people have been speculating about a potential love affair between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her best friend Alicent Hightower, even before her contentious relationship with her uncle Daemon. However, there was another more infamous coupling that fans had often thought about, Daemon and Alicent, and it might just have been the case in Season 1.

Daemon slept with a young Alicent in House of the Dragon Season 1

There are a lot of reasons why Alicent is jealous of Rhaenyra, and some have speculated it might be because of Daemon. According to a fan by the username @cursedhat, a deleted scene from House of the Dragon S1 depicts Daemon taking Alicent’s virginity, as rumored in Fire and Blood. This sequence was intended to explain why Alicent was so upset with Rhaenyra in Season 1 Episode 4, but it was removed due to worries that it made Daemon too insensitive.


There are speculations that Aemond might be Daemon’s son

Following the above theory, a number of fans have pointed out that it might also imply that Aemond might be Daemon’s son, as opposed to Viserys. Aemond shares quite a few mannerisms with Daemon, including his unhinged persona, the lust for power, and an obsession with dragons and war. It might also give Alicent all the more reasons to hate Rhaenyra. Here’s how fans reacted to the possibility:

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